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Bob Metzler began his practice of Yoga in 1972 after studying South Asian Yoga philosophy for several years.  Very early, he became interested in the Iyengar approach to heath-vidya and he credits it with helping him recover from a serious back injury that required two surgeries. He has studied with of the noted Iyengar senior teachers and at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India.  After attending the three-year teacher training program at the Iyengar Institute of Los Angeles,in 1995 Bob became certified to teach the discipline. A few year ago Bob relinquished his Iyengar certification in order to incorporate other facets of Indian Yoga traditions into his teaching. Bob has been a senior teacher at Yoga Works in Orange County, California since 1999.  His method is to invite his students to discover precision, alignment, balance, flexibility, power and supremely good health through asana, pranayama, band-mudra and dhyana.  He has always found that attaining success and depth in Yoga are acheived by hard work in unison with enjoyment, laughter, happiness, and the joy of accomplishment.

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