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2021... reshaping adventure

One thing I know is that the only constant is change and we are having a ton of it.

In any era, and for any species we evolve and adjust to be able to thrive during life changing events. Covid 19 safety measures are the new normal, so we need to adjust and overcome.

Many of the needed changes are already in place, we can do this, we can embrace the changes and feel alive, we can start to plan to do more, like travel...because we all want to evolve to the next face, we can be cleaner, safer and most everyone in the adventure and travel industry is pulling together to make it happen.

We want you to experience deeper connections with your love ones, discover new wild places, cultures, food and priceless moments that you will remember and cherish all your life, with the added awareness of being safe for you and everyone around you.

Life is not over... It makes sense to prepare amazing retreats for next spring and make them happen if it is safe and borders are open.

By this spring the first adventurers will take a great step by joining in to our retreats, supporting the locals in remote places and third world countries that rely on you and me to survive and thrive. The locals who live from hosting adventure travelers like yourself are key in conserving their pristine environment, beaches, forest, mountains and archeological masterpieces. We travel and bring the message of hope, change and resilience.

The Samana Legacy Adventures retreats 2021 COVID approach:

Small groups, the use of masks, social distancing, testing for COVID, longer trips to reduce our carbon footprint, emphasis on cleanliness and working with people and venues with the same standards.

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