• Johanna Siskar

Mayu and the Incas

Updated: May 22

"All the people are different...like every star is different, despite differences the stars move in unison through the Universe as one". Peruvian Shaman...astrology the Inca religion.

It is 200 BC, Summer solstice... you can see the llama constellation raising... this is the time of the pre- Inca civilization glory, when the Creator, god Viracocha, arrives from the heavens, rising through the Pacific Ocean, to live among us...

First, he journeys to Lake Titicaca, were he commanded the sun and the moon to rise... and they did.

Viracocha took the clay from the island of Lake Titicaca, and created men and women, he gave them; languages, dances, songs, and seeds... then send each pair, down through the lake Titicaca, to rise from the Pacarinas everywhere... (this PACARINAS are springs, trees, lakes...these, are the sacred places of dawning, born into the people, and when they died their souls returned to Mayu through the Huacas, caves in the earth).

Harmony & prosperity rein throughout the land, before the Tawantinsuyo empire, before Peru...there was no borders, no limitations...there was, healthy crops, strong animals, communities working together, dancing, singing in their colors and joy.

Their god Viraocha was with them, the Milky Way was one with the earth, Mayu was clearly magnificent throughout the night Sky, the people where one with their ancestral home...Mayu, the Milky Way.

At Sunset 650 A.D., At the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter; it was told, that during the winter solstice, when the fox constellation dipped its tail, and began to disappear...MAYU was no longer one with the land, the connection fading, it was time for Viracocha to leave the earth...after 850 years of glory and peace among men, he had to depart, to return to Mayu.

Viracocha gave his sacred staff to Manco Capac, the first Inca. The empire of the incas, the Tawantinsuyo was born, lead by the Inca chosen by their god.

865 years pass, Mayu, the Milky Way comes almost completely out of view at the time of the Spaniards invasion (1515 AD). Without the connection to Mayu, there was darkness, unrest, unhappiness, famine, sickness...it had been foretold, the Inca time was at an end, the people felt their gods had abandoned them, it was said, it was the time for the great Inca empire to parish.

The astrology of the Incas was unique, their creator god was Viracocha, follow by the Inti the Sun, who gave light, warmth, life...after came the lesser gods, seeing in the forms created by the dark places within the Milky Way resembling animals; the condor, representing the heavens; the Puma, representing the earth; and the Snake, representing the underworld; this was the Inca trinity.

There were others, lesser gods, like the llama, the fox, the toad, depicted in places at the sacred valley, some by natural formations, some by the work and tradition of the Incas, we won't find it all, because of destruction by time, the conquistadors and the Spanish inquisition.

Still, some of it exist to this day, with open eyes and mind, feel their strength...the condor, in Pisac and Urubamba, below their wings lay many Huacas, the ancient passages to the stars, these condors are ready to take flight and taking souls back to MAYU.

It has all been foretold...It is all written in the stars, astrology was the religion and hope.

Viracocha also known as Apu Qun Tiqsi Wiraqutra, Kon-Tiki, Wiracocha

by Johanna Siskar



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