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My name is Johanna Siskar, born in Peru. I believe in Kindness, friendship and love. I am a teacher of yoga, breath and meditation, a sound healer, a global retreat leader, and a entheogenic medicine facilitator.

In 2020, I embarked on a new journey focused on the healing of my son and expanding my awareness through the use of psychedelics. Recognizing the potential benefits of these substances in facilitating healing, personal growth, and expanded consciousness, I sought to explore their therapeutic applications and integrate them into my own life and teachings.  

Some of my relevant certifications, and studies include:


• Certified Yoga instructor since January 1999 from the Expanding Light, Ananda Ashram, California.

• Received Thai Yoga therapy certification under Saul David Ray in spring 2004.

• Meditation teacher course Los Angeles, California 2005.

• Certified Sound Healer by  Sound Healing Academy in 2019.

• Specialize in alignment-focused Yoga instruction influenced by esteemed Iyengar teachers Bob Metzler and Santhanam.

• Certified Life Coach (2022) with a focus on life purpose and happiness discovery.

• Deep exploration into Ayurveda healing and pranayama practices Sri Lanka (2018,2019,2021).

• Engaged in personal journey exploring psychedelic healing and expanded consciousness began in the summer of 2020 to present day.

• Completed Entheogenic Medicine training program and certification (2024) at the Synaptic Institute In Portland Oregon.  Including 2 psilocybin experiential intensives. The first in Valle de Bravo Mexico (July 2023), and the second in Jamaica on group facilitation (December 2023). Expanding knowledge and skills to responsibly guide individuals in psychedelic experiences for healing and personal growth.

• Accumulating over 50 hours of supervised work during internship in Tepoztlan, Mexico. Ayawasca, preparation of medicine, tinctures, importance of music during an experience, rituals, cultural authenticity and Temascal (February 2024).



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