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Meet Gary Siskar

Gary's life can be best described as a pursuit of passion. After finishing high school, he ventured to Colorado to pursue skiing and climbing, but his love for the ocean eventually drew him back to California to continue his surfing adventures.

Always in search of the next perfect wave, Gary's journey led him to meet Johanna in Cabo San Lucas while exploring empty surf lineups on a sailboat. Johanna became his perfect soul mate, and together they embarked on shared adventurous quests, exploring the world through surfing, climbing, and snowboarding.

In 2006, Gary and Johanna turned their dream into reality by opening Samana Chakra, a boutique yoga and adventure retreat in Mancora, Peru. It was there that Gary discovered his true passion for guiding and creating unforgettable experiences for guests, whether it be through surfing, kite surfing, or exploring the beauty of northern Peru. Many guests have credited their amazing experiences in Peru to Gary and Johanna's hospitality at Samana Chakra.



Gary epitomizes the spirit of a waterman, excelling in various water sports and naturally skilled in oceans, rivers, snow, and mountains. He lives his dream and works in an industry he deeply believes in, contributing to the success of the Ride Engine brand.

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