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Jason Slezak has been firmly cemented in the hierarchy of kiteboarding for over 15 years. Planting roots in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina to fuel a passion for surfing, Jason unexpectedly found a new love for the added element of wind in kiteboarding. 

Cape Hatteras provided the perfect canvas for Jason to become the best in all aspects of kiteboarding, from riding freestyle in the sound slicks to charging the kite and surfing the heavy sandbars of the ocean side. For the past 17 years, Jason has competed and pursued the sport at a professional level. He has garnered recognition and global coverage on the Discovery Channel, Outside Magazine, the Good Morning America show, and Men's Journal... just to name a few!


Jason has shared his love, passion, and dedication to grow kiteboarding by coaching all levels of the sport to thousands of people at REAL Watersports. Jason is a master of analyzing technique and has made the aspirations of many kiteboarders come true. 

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