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Wing it in Peru
Gary & Johanna 


“If you think adventure is dangerous,

try's lethal”

Paulo Coelho





8 full days to wing and kite

• WING & KITE up front at this breathtaking beach and other spots when wind calls elsewhere.

•SURF dawn patrol surf session optional *

•WING & KITE SURFING excursion to "Tres Cruces" plus  we have a wing spot for WING  SURFING an excursion to a secret spot.

• STAY on luxurious ocean front accommodations. 

• EAT delicious meals prepared and served by "Sirena de Juan" the most exquisite culinary experience in northern Peru.

• YOGA (optional) daily to prepare your body .

• BREATHE learn Pranayama breath-work techniques to increase and strengthen your lung capacity.   

• CONNECT with inspiring and like-minded people.

• BRING BACK  exiting memories, friendships, knowledge. You will never forget this adventure of a lifetime.


Gary and Johanna are thrilled to be your guides on this unique and exhilarating adventure. It's an expedition that holds such significance and excitement that you'll want to share it with your loved one. They are eager to show you their favorite wing foiling and kite surfing spots in northern Peru.

Gary will be your go-to expert for riding the waves and experiencing the best winging and kiting opportunities. He'll ensure that you have an unforgettable time on the water.

When it comes to food and accommodations, you can expect nothing short of excellence. Gary and Johanna have handpicked a remarkable spot for you, where comfort and relaxation are guaranteed. The culinary experience will be curated by the finest chef in northern Peru, surpassing any expectations you may have.

Johanna, being a yoga practitioner, can assist you in preparing your body for the adventure ahead, should you choose to incorporate yoga into your experience. She will be your constant companion throughout the journey, sharing her knowledge and expertise in her home country of Peru.

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with Gary and Johanna, where the thrill of wing foiling, kite surfing, and the beauty of Peru will leave you with unforgettable memories.


 surfing conditions


The current conditions in northern Peru are optimal for the adventure ahead. This time of the year offers steady winds, uncrowded spots, and side shore winds, providing ideal conditions for wing foiling and kite surfing.

During the downwinders, you'll have unforgettable encounters with magnificent creatures such as whales, green sea turtles, and sea lions. It's a unique opportunity to connect with nature and experience the beauty of the ocean.

This section of Peru's North Coast is renowned for its exceptional wing, kite, and surfing conditions. From May to December, you can expect thermal winds and favorable swells from the south to the northwest, increasing the likelihood of epic sessions.

The retreat is scheduled for September 14th, 2023, offering 10 days and 9 nights of pure adventure. You'll have 8 full days dedicated to wing foiling and kite surfing, immersing yourself in the thrill of the sport.

Accommodation options include shared regular rooms at $2,750 per person (with only 2 spots left), shared ocean view rooms at $3,295 per person (suitable for one last couple), and single private ocean view rooms at $3,800 (with one spot remaining).

To participate in this retreat, it is essential to have good physical and mental health. For kiteboarding, you should be able to stay upwind and perform self-rescue, while for wingfoiling, the ability to foil and stay upwind is required.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience filled with adventure, wind, waves, and unforgettable moments in the beautiful northern coast of Peru.


What's Included

  • Accommodation for 9 nights  in El Nuro Peru

  • Downwind expeditions along our stunning coastline, arriving in Organos or Vichayito.

  • Guided day trips to special spots on the virgin coast of Peru.

  • Surf opportunity

  • Daily preparation, restorative Yoga, and Meditation

  • Food includes all meals after arrival in Talara. You will be delighted with the food from the best Chef in northern Peru: "Juan Seminario". We will also go out to explore mouthwatering local cuisine.

  • Transfers in northern Peru.

  • Retreat guides  Johanna & Gary will create an exciting and welcoming environment as you experience North Peru.


NOT Included

  • Air Travel and all associated air travel fees domestic and international.

  • Night in Lima on the 16th at Costa del Sol

  • Some Drinks (specialty drinks and alcoholic beverages).

  • Travel and Medical Insurance are required 

  • Wing, surf or Kite equipment

  • Optional Activities such as  kite, wing, or surf lessons, board rentals,  wildlife excursions, massage, spa, ziplining, SCUBA diving

envision your adventure

Start your day in paradise by waking up to the soothing sound of waves and the gentle warmth of the sun. Enjoy a cup of tea or a freshly brewed coffee while you take in the breathtaking view of the ocean. For those seeking a mindful start, join Johanna on the deck for invigorating Yoga sessions, where breath and movement harmonize.

As we adapt our activities to the wind and wave conditions, Gary will expertly guide us to the best spots that suit your skill level. Whether it's wing foiling, wing surfing, or kitesurfing, we guarantee an incredible time exploring the magical locations that northern Peru has to offer.

During our retreat, we have thrilling plans for downwinders and exciting excursions. As we embark on these adventures, we are hopeful that Mother Nature will continue to bless us with ideal conditions, allowing us to create unforgettable experiences on the water. The beauty of nature is ever-changing, and we embrace the excitement and anticipation of what each day will bring.

Food is another highlight of our retreat. On days when the wind starts after 12:00, we'll indulge in a delicious brunch to fuel our adventures. For days when we head out after the morning Yoga session at 10 am, we'll provide a convenient lunch box filled with nourishing goodies. Fresh fruits and snacks will be available throughout the day to keep you energized and satisfied.

Dinner will be a delightful affair, either catered at our retreat location or enjoyed at one of the local restaurants in town. We strive to provide you with a culinary experience that complements the day's adventures, ensuring that every meal is memorable.

Prepare yourself for a truly immersive and rejuvenating retreat filled with thrilling water sports, serene Yoga sessions, and delectable dining experiences against the backdrop of northern Peru's natural beauty.

  • Starts Sep 16, 2026

    From 4,000 US dollars

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To secure your booking, a deposit of $1,500 USD is required at the time of booking. Deposits are non-refundable.

subsequent payments are transferable, allowing you to apply 70% of the balance payment towards a future retreat.

Your second payment of $1,500USD is due 6 months before retreat start.

The remaining balance must be paid in full 90 days prior to the trip.

Cancelling 60 days or less before the retreat does not allow for any credit, or refund . 

Please get travel insurance at the time of purchase to cover all and any emergencies, accidents.

Travel and Medical Insurance:
Please note that travel and medical insurance are not included in this package. We strongly recommend purchasing insurance to cover personal injury, trip cancellation, or interruption. You will need to obtain travel insurance separately from an external provider. Additionally, it is advisable to carry insurance to cover any potential injuries during your trip. In the event of an injury, you will be responsible for ambulance expenses and medical care costs. Medical and evacuation insurance will help cover these expenses.


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