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Action sports junkie and athlete, Luke has been part of the kitesurfing scene since he was a child. Born in the UK, he moved to Cape Town, South Africa with his family where he began kiting in 2005. Since then, kiting has been both his passion and career. Luke has been a professional kiteboarder since 2011, is proficient in freestyle, wave riding, and foiling. His focus is wave riding and strapless freestyle and he has held the title of SAKA Wave Champion in South Africa for 6 years running. He has competed in the wave riding tour internationally and continues to compete in local and international events. Off the water, Luke enjoys documenting the sports and places he loves through photography and videography.

We are thrilled to have Luke McGillewie joining us on our 2019 Peru Wave Retreat. Gary and Luke have done many international trips together and everytime have made a winning team. Luke is not only a gifted coach for advanced kiteboarding and kitesurfing, he is also a Liquid Force International team rider. He's contributed to the growth and development of the sport of kitesurfing by working with the design and R&D team to improve equipment.


His passion is shredding every wave he can and sending the biggest airs possible on a wave board. Any day at the beach is a day well spent!

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