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Personal Cultivation Series 
breath and sound bath

weekend retreats

With Johanna Siskar   

"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions." Remember, this time will not come again in your life!" Dalai Lama


I invite you to join me for personal development series unique and


 For my weekend retreats I am  deepening the teachings of breath, sound healing and meditation; ice bath, intention setting, chanting, Yoga nidra & asana.

It's an opportunity to deepen your practice and expand your consciousness.  


Come and be a part of this remarkable journey towards self-discovery and inner growth.


Sound Bath Bliss & Breathwork Workshop

  Experience a sacred healing journey that tunes your body and soul to your greatest resonance, akin to a profound massage. Our workshop offers a technique to quiet the "monkey mind" and connect deeply within, effortlessly shifting brainwaves from Beta to Alpha states, unlocking boundless creativity and attracting desired life changes.

Begin with a Breathwork session, learning three connected breathing techniques for profound shifts in consciousness, releasing tension, and stress. Feel how your consciousness shifts as you let go of what no longer serves you.  Immerse in the Sound Bath with clear crystal singing bowls and chanting, guiding awareness into altered states floating into meditation.

Tap into your unlimited potential and manifest desires as brainwaves slow down.

Experience the synergy of Breathwork and Sound Bath, propelling you forward in life and your meditation practice. Join us for stress reduction, peace of mind, creative inspiration, healing, improved sleep, enhanced energy, increased productivity, and focus. Reconnect to your blissful essence with Sound Bath Bliss & Breathwork, embarking on a journey of profound transformation and well-being together.

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Personal Development Workshops

Breathwork & Sound bath

Bonn Germany April/May 2024

Munich Germany May 2024

Hood River OR. USA Summer & Fall 2024

For dates and locations 

check @samanayoga on Instagram

for the latest workshops

in Germany, Peru and the USA

Weekend Retreat of Personal Development

dates and locations 

Hood River Oregon USA Fall 2024

check @samanayoga and @somaIntegrated

on Instagram

for the latest weekend retreats

in Germany, Peru and the USA

Weekend retreats will delve into a variety of breath & meditation techniques, each contributing to your overall understanding and experience.

Additional practices such as the invigorating ice bath, the tranquil Yoga Nidra, and the transformative sound healing will further enrich your meditative repertoire.


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