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Meet Amber

Founder and former owner of The North Shore Cafe, am now taking my passion for food on the road. After owning and operating the health conscience cafe for 11yrs, I will now be offering my creative skills as a personal chef.

I have always been passionate about food and cooking. I pride myself in my ability to create delectable flavors and textures. I love creating vibrant, delicious and nourishing meals using high quality ingredients. While integrating the skills I gained in both culinary and nutrition schools, and owning a health conscience cafe I have discovered my true passion. As a chef my goal is to tantalize your pallet and to nourish your body with heavily plant based/gluten free meals.

As a native to Hood River Oregon, I am beyond grateful for the beautiful life I have been blessed with. On a daily basis, I get to enjoy all the wonderful activities right in our backyard! I truly appreciate the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. I look forward to preparing holistic, delicious and nutritions meals that offer wellness and balance for an excellent life! Eat Well. Live Well.

Amber Nelson Personal Chef Holistic /Vegetarian.

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