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After moving to Mancora, Peru at 20 years old, Sabrina took up surfing so she could enjoy the beautiful beachfront outside her front door. She also founded and operated a restaurant for 7 years on the main street of Mancora. Her days began with surfing and her afternoons were dedicated to running her business. 


During her time in Peru, Sabrina married and now has beautiful children. It was 6 years after Sabrina's arrival in Peru that she learned to kitesurf. At the time, it was rare to see a kite on the water in Peru, so the opportunities to learn were slim. Her husband Paulo was working as a kite instructor in Mancora, so learning to kitesurf was inevitable.


Since then, Sabrina has fallen in love with the sport and riding in the waves on Peru's coast. After years of kiting, she became a kite teacher so she could continue to share the stoke. Now, Sabrina lives in Los Organos beach where the wind and waves are excellent year-round.

Sabrina is excited to be joining the Kite + Yoga Goddess Retreat in September 2019 as wave coach and guide. 

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