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Your Health is in your Hands "Mudras"

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It happened here in a secluded and magical Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka...six Buddha statues, all with different "Mudras" (gestures)...I recognized a couple, but it made me realize how much more there is...resonating within, it was my time to research this fascinating area of knowledge and healing.

So...what is it,

Oversimplified, a Mudra is a hand gesture that guides the energy flow to specific areas of the brain, a connection is developed with the patterns in the brain that influences the unconscious reflexes in the different areas, the internal energy is, in turn, balanced and redirected, creating an impact on the sensory organs, tendons and glands.

All part of the science, spirit, and I understand it, the Pachanmahabhootas are the 5 elements, fire, air, space/ether, earth, and water, this are the 5 mayor building blocks of which the entire universe is made...including our bodies, when our bodies that compile the 5 elements are out of balance, our bodies become ill, and when we keep the elements in balance the result is overall wellness. Your health is in your hands...our hands are particularly blessed with virtues of wellness...The four fingers and the thumb represent the 5 elements of the ‘Panchamahabhootas’

The Hast Mudras are the believe that through specific methods of touching and aligning the fingers and thumb, balance can be created, this brings augmented relief from maladies as well as restoring wellness.

Thumb represents fire, in Sanskrit Agni

index finger represents air, in Sanskrit Vayu

Middle finger represents space, in Sanskrit Akasha/ Akash

ring finger represents earth, in Sanskrit Prithvi

Small finger represents water, in Sanskrit Jala/Jal

Hast (hand) Mudras(gestures)

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