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seeking happiness TSE Mudra

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

TSE mudra is safe for every constitution

TSU Mudra

It increases alertness and intuitiveness.

Improves mood.

Decreases depression and anxiety.

Balances Water element in the body.

Helps overcome, and persevere.

Improves the functioning of your Kidneys and Bladder.

How to do TSE Mudra; Stretch out your arms. Bring your attention to your hands, place your thumb across the palm of your hands, letting the tip of the thumb touch the root of your little finger, slowly encircle your thumbs with the fingers. you can do this standing, sitting or laying down at any time.

TSE Mudra, is a beautiful tool, to help us connect and choose love, and happiness. Try this exercise of the three secrets that combines mudra, chanting, breath and intention, it is liberating.

Exercise of the three secrets

We want to start on a sitting comfortable position, clear your mind as you breathe deeply and chant AUM/OM 3 times to prepare.

Stretch out your arms and place your hands on your thighs. Bring your attention to your hands, place your thumb across the palm of your hands, letting the tip of the thumb touch the root of your little finger, slowly encircle your thumbs with the fingers in TSE Mudra, while slowly inhaling through your nose, close your eyes. You need to hold your breath once your chest is 3/4 inflated, start with chanting in your mind "OM", ( 7 times, keep on increasing the length of your chant as your breath becomes deeper). Try to feel the vibrations of Om in your ears and heart.

Then slowly exhale through the nose, with sound to vibrate thought your cerebellum while drawing in the abdominal wall; open your hands and imagine all your worries, fears, and unhappiness leaving your body through your palms.

Repeat 7 times.

Benefits of the three secrets

It alleviates the feelings of fear and failures, and helps you perform better in life.

Aids in New beginnings. Creates Alertness.

Depressions are caused by the weakness of the water element, or the kidney, and bladder. This element can actually be restored or recharged like a battery through TSE mudra, combined with specific breathing, like the Aum/Om breathing described above.

TSE mudra chases away sadness, reduces fearfulness, it has been said that it turns away misfortune and bad luck, and overcomes depressions. It is known to increase personal magnetism and enhance the intuitive and mental powers.

On a personal note

This mudra is about happiness, we all want it, not easy to connect with it sometimes, when circumstances, and the world around us seems to be full of pain and hate...seems to be...because it is not all good or bad, not really, there is kindness and good everywhere, you can find it in a smile, or a polite gesture, look for it, there is both aspects of it in all of us, we choose... when we shine with happiness and good will, we invite and inspire others to do the same, there is no light without darkness.

Sometimes it is necessary to be with our sorrow and pain, to embrace it with love...

when is too much, we can ask for help from others, find the strength within to use; breath, Meditation, positive affirmations, chest opening asanas, Mudras, to be able to let it go, let your love transform it, into the strength to awaken your courage to be yourself, and feel...enjoy all the amazing things in your life, in your world.


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