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Prana Mudra

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Prana Mudra

Mudra magic, Prana mudra, the energizer

Prana; is more than just energy, Prana is thought to be the universal life force that flows through and connects all living things.

Prana Mudra or Life energy gesture; is set to stimulate your root chakra which creates vibration and heat, it energizes and awakens the body well-being

How to perform Prana Mudra

You can practice Mudras while sitting down in a meditative position or while standing in Tadasana, keep your eyes close and focus on your breath bring your hands to your sides and touch the tips of your ring finger and pinky finger to your thumb, leave your index finger and middle finger pointed straight.

This brings Fire (Agni, thumb) Water (Jala, pinky finger) and Earth (Prithvi, ring finger) together

Prana Mudra awakens the dormant power of Prana, gives energy, health, moderates everything from eyesight to fatigue to skin rashes to vitamin deficiency, raises body resistance to disease, reduces tiredness and nervousness in the body and can help bring clarity and focus to the mind, it also said to help control emotions,

enhances self-confidence and improves circulation as the Water, Earth and Fire elements are join in this Mudra

Insomnia, practice Prana Mudra, along with Gyan Mudra, helps in bringing on sleep.

During fasting it reduces hunger pangs and thirst.

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1 Comment

Alexandra Guerra
Alexandra Guerra
Jan 16, 2019

Love it. I will practice it on a daily basis :)

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