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Our mission: 

To give a rewarding experience combining fun and exciting adventures, while making a difference where we go, in the communities, environment or wildlife. We will take you to exotic places in the world, to give back and inspire, providing comfort and professional service where

you will leave with lifetime experiences and friendships

Samana Legacy Adventures is the root for our Kitesurfing, wing foiling, Yoga retreats and life coaching

KiteOm, WingingOm, OmYoga & IcoachJoy

We create unique retreats, guided by us personally, we give you world class professional coaching, the best locations around the globe, all our destinations have been personally vetted by us. We know that you will leave with not just added skills, but completely revitalized, with lifelong friendships and satisfying sense of being, an experience you will never forget.


With every adventure we aim to make a positive difference wherever we go.  So often as global fun seekers we end up in amazing places as visitors, we utilize the resources, enjoy the ambiances and fruits of our fun seeking ambitions, our goal is to go one step further and to give about10% of Samana Legacy Adventures retreats profits to charity, to promote awareness of preservation of natural lands to protect what we came to enjoy.

Happiness belongs to you!

Johanna & Gary Siskar



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