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Summer 2022,

Updated: May 24, 2023

Egypt, the Gorge, & Peru

I close my eyes and I can still feel the wind in my face and the soothing turquoise waters splashing my body as I kite the Red Sea.

We had six days of excellent wind on the Yacht, plus one day at a local spot that was fabulous too. The first day I was on my 8 Meter SST… perfection, I love my kites, the SST is my favorite. I got to try the whole quiver, on tuesday the 7M, wednesday the 6M... you get the idea. On the last day Friday I was completely de powered on my 5 during my early morning session, I had to come in by 9:30 am and pass on my kite to Gary to use (next time I will pack my 4M). It was time for me to pack and chill.

Egypt was about flat water kiteboarding, I had so much fun. I learned to jump, this journey was a very special and romantic time. We met 22 new friends from all over. It was wonderful to step out from the role of leader to the roll of guest. This was our birthday gift to ourselves, it was a winner.

I open my eyes and I’m here in the beautiful gorge… I cherish this summer, these last few weeks here at home have been memorable; we had lovely times with visiting dear friends, and local friends, learning to wing at the Hook, kite boarding in Lyle, mountain biking… (well until I got my infamous concussion before my birthday on splash and giggle).

Accounting everything, I am grateful and feeling good, Hood River is a special place, the gorge is magnificent.

I am learning to wing foil and I have 3 sessions down! For now I am out with my knee for a few days after my last session… I was feeling like I possibly could go into foil, then I lost my balance again, my left toe stayed glued to the board as I was falling over the side. My knee did not like all my weight as I fell in the river.

I am healing pretty fast dr Alex Roddvik works magic. Ice and elevation help, and Gary has been taking care of me like I am a goddess… wait I am a goddess 😉😂

I hope to heal fast to get in the water before I ship off to South America.

Update: May 2023

I'm happy to share that my knee has recovered significantly, and I was able to indulge in kiteboarding during our adventure retreat in Peru. Kiteboarding felt great, although I decided to stay off the surfboard as it didn't feel as comfortable. However, by the time we embarked on our journey to Baja in November, I was fully recovered and back to 100%.

Our 2022 Wing it in Peru was an incredible experience, thanks to the amazing travelers and crew. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved! Take a look at the pictures below and click on the link to join us for the upcoming 2023 adventure.

There are only 3 spots left for the 2023 Wing it in Peru. We are thrilled to welcome both old and new friends for an exciting journey of winging, kitesurfing, and Yoga. The anticipation is building, and we can't wait!

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