• Johanna Siskar

Indonesia, Surfers Paradise

Updated: Apr 17

The truth is, I had some fear and no idea what to expect, regardless of the fact that I have travel to many places, this was my first time traveling to Indonesia, Bali had always been in my dreams...in the bucket list if you please, I found both Islands I visited totally different, Bali was not at all what I imagine, Rote was more like my dream of Indo in some ways, and I suspect Bali was a little like Rote 30 years ago, overall, It was a wonderful trip, and the place we stayed in Nemberala is truly an avid surfers paradise.

Nemberala beach, Indonesia;

This is a fantastic surf destination, beautiful waves, “T land”, “momma suckies” “the Bombie” to name a few, are fast perfect waves for the experienced surfer, there was swell there everyday while we were in Nemberala, and the boats from the resort where ready to take you at a moments notice.

Mellow waves? yes, they had some of this too, the one we surfed was Squealers a longboard wave, no crowds, Gary, myself and Kimm ventured out on a boat early the first morning, this was definitely more my speed, only us 3, so much fun, It has been 25 years at least since I got to surf with only one or two others for an entire session and with good waves, very special and unique.

Nemberala is the preferred secret spot of many surf legends and avid surfers, definitely one for the bucket list, and we were very fortunate to stay at the Nemberala Beach Resort as we felt it was the best place there, I will definitely want to return, and to all my surfers friends I encourage you to check this place out, you will never forget it.

Upon our arrival, Greg the manager was there to greed us, and Jeff his assistant took us to our rooms and gave us the tour of the resort, first impression...beautiful, clean, friendly people.

After 6 days this was our experience;

The food...Anita Greg’s wife was in charge, she did an amazing job, and if you follow me or have come to my retreats you know the food has to be outstanding, dishes where varied withs lots of greens, seafood, salads, fish and meat for the meat lovers, everything was fabulous.

The people...Sara, Eni, MoLa, Jo, Anita, Steve, Greg and so many more wonderful people, you all made our time unforgettable.

The villas...beautiful, comfortable, clean, charming with a/c and fans if you need them.

The Spa...you should find the time, well worth the magic hands of healing this girls have.

Yoga...lovely, my favorite class was the afternoon restorative sessions offered 3 times per week

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