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Legacy 2019, Cusco Peru

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Zaida (my step mom) and I, arrived at the Mother Teresa of Calcutta center in Cusco, on a lovely afternoon in May 2019, we were welcomed by the doorkeeper.

Many of the adults who live here, sat in the courtyard, elderly residents and patients, It was refreshing to see them enjoying the afternoon sunshine, they were clean, and had big smiles on their faces, they were cared for, regardless of their need, there was joy in the simplicity of the moment.

The sisters (called madres, or mothers) of the order, where finishing afternoon prayers when we arrived, after prayers were done, one of the madres showed us around, we saw children, babies, women, men, elderly...their conditions varied, severe physical conditions, burn victims, and mental illnesses.

This visit open my eyes and reminded me, what a gift of strength this madres and volunteers have, how remarkable and admirable they are, and it takes a very special compassionate soul to do this work.

After talking to madre Felisa (mother superior) I knew I could help, they need so many things, this would be where we can give back.

With all our love, on our last day of our Yoga retreat in Cusco, Susan, Paula, Michael, Zaida, and myself left for the market and filled 4 carts of supplies, things the sisters mentioned where in most need. It was exhilarating shopping in this scale, knowing this supplies will help, this will bring relive, even if temporary, everything helps. We gave more than 90% of the profits of this retreat into our shopping spree, Paula and Michael O’Gorman gifted an entire cart of goods in addition to what we had, it was wonderful...

We arrived at the center after 6:00pm Sunday, June 2nd 2019, we were late, but the doorkeeper welcome us in, and we unloaded all the goods, what a high we felt...a reward be on words, we were overwhelmed with joy...

It feels so good to give back...we made a difference.

Here are the retreat students who made this happen. Your gifts, energy, and love, are so appreciated.

From our 2019 Cusco adventure & yoga retreat:

Kimm and Geoff Curtis, Susan DeBonis, Paula and Michael O’Gorman.

From our 2019 Peru Goddesses, kite & yoga retreat:

Alison and kari Cunard, Sandy Peddie, Christy Fisher, Pamela Baden, Barbara Murphy, Karen McJunkin, Christine Miles and Sue Williams

Thank you all for been a part of our legacy, for your light, and gifts given; energetic and monetary.

If you want to help the center, let us know or contact them directly on the address below.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center in Cusco

Av. Victor Raul de la Torre #235 Cusco city, Cusco, Peru

(Next to the regional emergency hospital.)

Phone: 011 51 8425-6932

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