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Menopause Gracefully

Updated: May 24, 2023

Updated May 2023

It hit me like a brick wall, a sudden onset of hormonal imbalances that threw my entire being off balance. Despite leading a healthy lifestyle with exercise, proper nutrition, and meditation, I found myself experiencing a range of unsettling symptoms that seemingly appeared overnight.

The most challenging symptoms included overwhelming sadness and relentless hot flashes that demanded my attention. Swollen and sensitive breasts, bloating, mental fog, exhaustion, and extreme irritability further added to my discomfort. It was perplexing, considering I had recently undergone a revitalizing detoxification journey after returning from Sri Lanka in the spring. Why was I feeling this way despite all my efforts to maintain good health?

As time passed, the intensity of these symptoms increased—the hot flashes, lack of energy, and persistent sadness seemed relentless. It was during this period that I realized menopause is a natural process, not a disease. Seeking balance and strength, I turned to Ayurveda treatments that cleansed and rejuvenated my body, leaving me feeling stronger and more centered. However, I knew it was up to me to maintain this newfound equilibrium.

I began assessing my diet and incorporated magnesium, Ashwagandha, and B12 supplements, in addition to consuming foods that energize me and balance my doshas. Yet, it wasn't enough. What truly made a difference for me was embracing the process of change and seeking external help to create a sense of harmony and well-being. Understanding that what worked for me today may not work tomorrow, I continuously adapt my approach as my body undergoes transformation.

Starting with the least risky options, I explored dietary changes, natural creams, and supplements. However, when these measures proved insufficient, I sought assistance from a knowledgeable OBGYN. If your current healthcare provider doesn't offer the solutions you need, or does not require any tests or evaluations of your hormones before giving you a prescription don't hesitate to seek second or third opinions.

Finding balance and joy throughout menopause requires an active search for solutions, experimentation, asking questions, seeking help, and ultimately feeling good in your own skin. Personally, estriol and progesterone cream provided relief from hot flashes and other symptoms within a week. I was grateful for Robin's assistance during that time. This approach worked well for over a year until my body indicated the need for a different solution. Fortunately, I found a thorough doctor in Baja who conducted comprehensive tests, leaving no room for guesswork. Dr. Valentina's guidance and the use of bio-identical cream restored my well-being once again.

Hormone level testing, breast and ovarian sonograms, while considering various natural, synthetic, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy options became crucial steps in my journey. It's important to have a minimum of six months between sonograms and three months for hormone level tests if you're taking any type of hormones.

Please share in the comments below what has worked for you during menopause. When we share our experiences and insights, everyone benefits. Thank you!

The banana bread accident: While searching for a banana bread recipe featuring the healthiest ingredients, I stumbled upon a link from "Eat This, Not That." The article titled "25 Best Foods for Menopause" ( provided fantastic facts that deeply resonated with me. I have since started implementing some of the suggestions into my daily routine, finding them to be helpful in my journey.

My must have foods and supplements

In addition to the Omega oils, ashwagandha, magnesium glycinate, vitamin D, vitamin B 12, edamame, walnuts, sesame seeds.

here is a link to a study on black cohosh and st John’s ward. I started to read several articles and found this combination promising.

Please post your experience and what works for you



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